Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to DDoS Basic Websites using ByteDOS v3.2

* Download ByteDOS v3.2
* Find IP of Website
* Taking down the Website
Download ByteDOS v3.2:

 ByteDOS v3.2 vScan:

Date 2013-04-1 01:22:51 (GMT 1)
File name bytedos-v3-2-exe
File size 294912 bytes
MD5 hash 997d9bb1c8453de00e6c806fca09b54e
SHA1 hash d45eb4efc23ad563c885af2fa1875d2accc2c3a1
Detection rate: 1 on 14 (7%)
NOTE: The Infection that was found on No virus thanks is Nothing but a Generic Dropper, 
 which stands for a program which is supposed to drop small trojans into the sytem, 
although this is virus clean, as the program comes with a .dll file which sparks up scanners 
as this is the file that is it "Dropping" DO NOT BE ALARMED!
Find IP of Website:
Although this program's GUI doesn't look so professional nor trust worthy, take in mind this
program was made quite some time back but still to this day works like a treat.
To start the search for a website's IP address, click 'Ip Scanner' in the
programs interface.
Enter the website URL for your targeted website, NOTE: do not include Hyper text transfer
protocols nore safety one ( HTTP:// / HTTPS:// ) leave the domain protocol open,
e.g. .
Once the IP Scanner has found the targets domain the IP Address will be displayed in the
white box, copy the IP address to you clipboard then close the scanner.

Taking down the Website:
The next step is to enter the IP address that you got from the scanner and input it into the 2 panels,
for the first panel First click the Proxy radio button, then paste the IP address you got from the
scanner and paste it into the Proxy Ip: section, and leave port as it was.
For SYN/ICMP Make sure SYN is checked, the
underneath that in the Dos attack section, paste the IP address in the "www.WEBSITE.COM" section,
and leave port as normal.
Repeat these steps for the Second panel except, change the SYN/ICMP Section to ICMP Checked.

After you have done this press the first 3 blue buttons, in order top from bottom leaving 1 second
between each click, once all buttons are red do the same for the second panel.


Leave the attack flooding for about 20-30 seconds and check the website you targeted is down -
PLEASE NOTE: This method works best for websites host by HOSTGATOR.COM 
Hope this helped :) - if this worked post please :)


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