Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Hackers and Penetration Testers

Android is among the the best mobile operating systems now a days, There are a big number of mobile phones using android as their operating system. Within few time, Android got good reputation in market and a big number of users as well, There is no doubt that android is a best operating system and based on linux. Well there are a lot of hacks and tricks in android operating system and many people don't know about them, Today I'm going to post some best tools for hackers, Penetration testers and for security professionals I hope you'll like them.

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Hackers

FaceNiff -- 

FaceNiff is an andriod App which allows users to hijack sessions over the wi-fi in your network, This is a kinda Firesheep for andriod, If you are a pentester or if you know what is session hijacking then this tool is just easy for you to use.
 Through faceNiff we can hijack other people profiles easily, Through this App you can hijack these profiles : 
FaceBook , Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, VKontakte. Tumblr, MySpace, Tuenti, MeinVZ/StudiVZ, blogger, Nasza-Klasa

Network Mapper -- 

Network mapper is one another android used to find devices in your network and scan them, You can easily export scan report of your network and send it to your Gmail account via network mapper. Its used to find SMB servers, FTP servers and SHH servers in your network and help you to diagnose them.

Wifi Kill --

Wifi Kill is a miscellaneous android App, Using Wi-fi Kill you can easily kick out anyone from your network, YES! If someone is using the same internet connection with you (shared or Wi-fi) now you can just through them out of the network. 

Router Bruteforce ADS 2 -- 

If your android cellphone is connected with a wi-fi network and you want to access its router then router bruteforce ADS 2 is here for you. This app has some default passwords for every router and it checks all passwords on the router one by one. There are a lot of chances to get access of router but as it is bruteforce attack so sometime it also fails :p . 

Router Keygen --

When I go outside, My android device detects a lot of wi fi networks but they are secured with password, But now I can crack there passwords/keys easily with Router keygen android app, YES! you can also! This is a kind of bruteforce attack to the wi-fi  network.  

DriodSheep -- 

Driod sheep is just another session hijacker like Facesniff, This is the most popular session hijacker for andriod mobiles, It is also used to captuer Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and other profiles. 

Net Swiss Tool Free --

Net swiss tool scans devices in your network, check open ports and perform a lot of things in your network like ping, trace, ARP, UDP flood etc. 

KWS Android Web Server -- 

KWS android web server is one another android app for testing webpages and websites inside your smartphone, This app is also useful for web developers, web designers and coders for testing and debugging their developed websites.

Wi-Fi Analytics --

Wi-fi analytics is a android app used to find SSIDs, Mac Adress and signal strengths of your wi-fi connection and keeps you up to date with a desktop widget.

Anti - Andriod network Toolkit --

Anti is a best and my favorite one hacking tool for android users, YES! This app is best of all android apps for penetration testers and hackers,This app can hack any local computer in your network by finding their IP, scanning it and by finding vulnerabilities in computer, you can see images and you can easily spy on them via ANTI. 


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