Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 7 Sexiest Female Hackers!

Hacking! One of the most horrifying words for website owners. Yes, if you own a website then you might want to safeguard your website from Hackers.
Are you wondering, who are the hackers?
Simple, Hackers are those who perform hacking.
Are you now wondering what actually the Hacking is?
Hacking is something about changing the features of any system outside of developer’s goal. I mean if you are able to invade into anyone’s system by breaking his/her security measures then you are a hacker and this work is referred as hacking.
Computer hacking / Website hacking are the most prominent in the hacking world but there are other forms of hacking exists too like cell phone hacking, email hacking and more.
Especially now days websites are being hacked too frequently. The world’s best hackers are able to breach any kind of security which they proved by hacking best secure websites on the www.
As you might have heard in the past that males are dominant in the field of technology and so in hacking but I have a list of sexiest female geeks who contradict this saying of people. They are able to breach your security system in minutes. 

I will not give you boring lectures and here is the List of top 7 hottest Female Geeks in the world:-

Anna Chapman

The first female hacker in our list is Anna Chapman. She was born on 23 february 1982. She was Russian but residing in New York but because of working with illegal programs, she was arrested on 27 June 2010. The charge was to involvement in a conspiracy in which She acted as an agent of foreign government without any notification to US Attorney general. She  lost the citizenship of  USA and deported back to Russia on 8th July 2010.
This is how Anna Chapman looks:-

Adeanna Cooke

The second female hacker is on our list is Adeanna Cooke who was a playboy model who took few of her Sexy photos during different photo shoots. One of her mate used her images on internet to make money but Adeanna is not the typical girl you want to mess with.
When she came to know the site which was having her face with other’s body(naked) then she didn’t go to complain into police or somewhere she took everything in her hand and hacked that website. Damn!
As she found success in her hacking attempt she used to help others by her skills later.
                                     This is how Adeanna Cooke looks:-

Ying Cracker 
The third hot female hacker is on our list is Ying Cracker. She is a teacher in Sanghai who use to teach people about basic hacking stuffs but she is more than awesome. She got her last name “Cracker” as she teaches people to crack softwares and usually she charges 500-5000 RMB for helping people to crack any software.
                                         This is how Ying Cracker looks:- 

Kristina Svechinskaya
The fourth female hacker in our list is Kristina Svechinskaya. She is  the world’s most famous and hottest female hacker.  Her seducing look and revealing appearance can melt down any server’s firewall.
She was arrested on 2nd November, 2010 for hacking millions of dollars of US and British banks. She hacked millions of dollars from bank accounts
                                    This is how Kristina Svechinskaya looks:-

Xiao Tian

The fifth sexy hacker in our list is Xiao Tian . There is a Chinese female hacker group in china which is headed by Xion Tain who is just 19 years old. She is great fashion girl by look but a great geek by her mind.
                                           This is how Xiao Tian looks:- 

Joanna Rutkowska

The sixth hacker in our list is Joanna Rutkowska. She is being counted in the list of hackers but actually she is into security. She develops software’s to protect systems from bad hackers.  She is terminator kind of protector for the computer systems.
                                    This is how Joanna Rutkoska looks:-

Raven Adler
The seventh female hacker geeka in our list is Raven Adler. She doesn’t want to make a place in hot hacker chicks. She just wants to be called a “hacker”.
She develops hacking detector systems for big federal agencies. Apart from the skilled hacker she is trained in Martial arts.
                                     This is how Raven Adler looks:-

Hope you guys have enjoyed to see these dangerous beauties. Don’t mess with them otherwise your website’s security gonna be breached :P . If you know more hacking beauties then do share with us via comment.


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