Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reaver 1.4- Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) Brute Forcer

                        Reaver 1.4 - Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) Brute Forcer 

 An Austrian information security student and researcher Stefan Viehböck released details of a vulnerability in the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) standard that enables attackers to recover the router PIN, a security firm has published an open-source tool capable of exploiting the vulnerability. The tool, known as Reaver, has the ability to find the WPS PIN on a given router and then recover the WPA passphrase for the router, as well. Now we have the next version Reaver 1.4
List Of Changes In Reaver 1.4:-

1Updated reaver and wash usage, reverted last wash update (unecessary).
2. Wash now processes data even if received on the wrong channel.
3.Added BSSID to session restore prompt.
4.Fixed wash pcap parsing bug.
5.Updated exchange.c to timeout properly if –no-nacks is specified.
6.Added –no-nacks option for APs that repeatedly send multiple WPS response packets.
7.Added –exec option to run a specified command upon successful completion.
8.Fixed –session bug.
9.Added RSSI output to wash.
10.Fixed makefile bug.
11.Fixed bug in pins.c introduced in r95. Pins no longer randomized.
12.Added sanity checks for out of order packets to message processing in exchange.c
13.Fixed null pointer reference bug.
14.Reverted association supported and extended rates to original values.
15.Re-work of the message processing functions, primarily in exchange.c
16.Added -p option to mkdir in makefile.
17.Added sanity checks to ensure that WPS messages are sent in the proper order.
18.Fixed arg parsing bug.
18.Updated Makefile, changed ‘walsh’ to ‘wash’. Added wash documentation.
19.Fixed bug in auto-detection of WSC_NACK support.
20.Fixed channel hopping bug. Now WSC_NACKs are always sent to ensure WPS session termination.
21.Supported rates in association packets now reflect the supported rates in the AP’s beacon packets. AP beacons are now always parsed prior to reassociation to ensure we are still on the right channel.
22.Fixed database permissions bug in Reaver Makefile
23.Fixed walsh channel bug. Added sanity checks in exchange.c before setting progress status to KEY2_DONE.
24.Fixed overflow in parse_beacon_tags.
25.Fixed logic bug where SEND_M2D status was interpreted as a RECV_DONE status.
26.Fixed memory leaks.
27.Fixed bug in generating proper WPS messages (resulted in false negatives). Added verbose message status output.
28.wpsmon char c => int c.
29.Documentation updates.
30.Fixed Makefile bug.
31.Fixed session saved output bug.
32.Updated session.c to always print restore session prompt to stderr.
33.Updated Makefile, configure script and #defines to ensure that –prefix is honored.
34.Fixed makefile not properly installing to specified prefix.
35.Removed dev debug flag
36.Enabled debug output for troubleshooting issues; don’t use unless you want lots of debug output (this will be made a command line option in the near future…)
37.Updated walsh WPS lock status display. Fixed file permission bug in Makefile. Removed old code in libwps/.
38.Updated walsh to display more useful info. Removed adaptive delay feature.
39.Added adaptive lockout sleep times, added -ldl to LDFLAGS

For Additional Information & To Download Reaver Click Here


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