Display Connection Configurationipconfig /all
Display DNS Cache Infoipconfig /displaydns
Clear DNS Cacheipconfig /flushdns
Release All IP Address Connectionipconfig /release
Renew All IP Address Connectionsipconfig /renew
Re-Register the DNS connectionsipconfig /registerdns
Change/Modify DHCP Class IDipconfig /setclassid
Network Connectionscontrol netconnections or ncpa.cpl
Network Setup Wizardnetsetup.cpl
Test Connectivityping (url)
Trace Routetracert
Displays the TCP/IP protocol sessionsnetstat
Display Local Routeroute
Display Resolved MAC Addressesarp
Display Name of Computer Currently onhostname
Display DHCP Class Informationipconfig /showclassid
NameServer Lookupnslookup (url)