Tuesday, August 13, 2013


SQl Map is an Auto. SQL injection Tool
So first

1. Download sqlmap from here .(Around 6-7 mb)

2. Download Python for windows.. click here..(15mb)

3. Now while installing python:

   install python to the "C:\python" directory (or any diterctory you 

   wish but remember the path) click next next next ok ... :)

4.Extract the files from the SQLMAP zip file...

You will see sumthing like this in the folder:

5. Now go to your directory where python is installed (For me C:\Python)

   You'll see sumthng lyk this:

6. Now as you saw in the screenshot create a folder here named "sqlmap"

7. Now goto the folder where you extracted sqlmap and copy all files\folders like in the screenshot:

8.Now paste the files and folders in the new sqlmap folder you created inside python directory lyk this:

9. After pasting goto to desktop right click >> New >> Shortcut

    And in location bar type "cmd" (without quotes) click next next ok.

 (rename it what you want)


 10. Now goto properties of the shortcut created on your desktop and in   the "start in:" space type C:/Python instead of %windir% and click OK.

as below:

Now you are almost done...

Open the shortcut
And to use Sqlmap jst type the foll. command (as in the pic):
                python sqlmap/sqlmap.py 

Hope It Helps


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