Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Premium Link Generator Websites List

1. Generator Link Premium:

Generator Link Premium is my favorite generator website. It allows us to download files of any size from Extabit and most other storage centers for free. You can even use IDM to download your extabit files. There is also no limit on file size and number of files. Try this one first and if you have problems with this one, try the next one!

2. Unrestrict:

Unrestrict.li is another website in this section. It provides same benefits as the first one. But, it requires the user to register for an account in-order to get the premium benefits. So, I have kept it at second position.

3. Tigerleech:

Tigerleech provides premium links for Extabit files. Even this website requires the user to register for an account in-order to get premium links. Also, for free users, the speed is limited to 120 KB/s, though this speed is pretty suitable for most users. Hence, Tigerleech occupies 3rd spot in the list.

4. Rapid8:

Rapid8 is one of the oldest websites providing premium links for netizens. When it comes to extabit, Rapid8 allows free users to generate premium links for files below 500MB size. If you have file of size less than 500 MB, use Rapid8 to download extabit files with ease.

I hope now you can use one of the above extabit premium account generator websites to get extabit premium benefits. Most of these links work for other file storage websites too. Henceforth, you don’t have to wait for downloads or purchase any premium account. Simply use these links and they will do the job for you. Cheers!


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